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If you would like to make a complaint about your UAL Short Course experience please complete this form. We take our learners concerns seriously. 

Once received, your complaint will be reviewed by the Short Courses Team.

Privacy policy

UAL Short Courses Ltd will use the information you provide on this form to manage and respond to your concern or complaint. 

You can make three types of report: 

A breach or issue related to our terms and conditions

Your information will be kept within the Short Courses team and processed under GDPR Art.6(1)(b) as necessary for the performance of a contract, to ensure that obligations under the contract are fulfilled or to develop alternative arrangements. We will contact you with our response or to discuss ways to resolve the issue. 

A concern or issue relating to course quality

The nature of your concern may be shared with course tutors and Short Courses Ltd managers, but we will not share your identity with them and will try to make sure you cannot be identified from the information that is shared. 

The information you provide will be processed as necessary under our legitimate interests (GDPR Art.6(1)(f)) to maintain and improve course quality. We may contact you to obtain further information or with a response to your issue. 

An issue with staff conduct

Your information will be processed under our legitimate interests (GDPR Art.6(1)(f)) to identify and take action to combat inappropriate behaviour. We will not share your identity outside of the complaints team, but may share the details of your report in order to investigate it and identify appropriate action. If you identify the individual staff member we will raise it with them directly, and in serious cases may refer the matter to our Human Resources department to consider disciplinary action. We may contact you for further information, to direct you to sources of support and advice, or to provide a summary of actions which have been taken. However, we will not be able to share the outcome of disciplinary action taken against individuals. 


Once your enquiry has been dealt with, your information will be retained for 6 years after the end of the current academic year. 
Any special category data you provide will be processed under GDPR Art.9(2)(a) for the same purposes as above. 

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To withdraw your consent contact: ualshortcourse@arts.ac.uk

The relevant data will be deleted within 30 days.